Guide – Unsupported Hardware Filter

Picture this if you will, you have 20 models of hardware in your organisation that you’ve meticulously created Driver Packages for and ensured they build correctly with your managed images, thus creating a list of Supported Hardware. Sounds good, right?

So imagine the surprise and confusion when on a cold and dark Monday morning before your first cuppa, someone rings you up to say their computer won’t build, or missing certain drivers once it does!

Only, things aren’t as they seem. As you find out once you’ve delayed your first cuppa, and have come to find out that this computer is a completely different Manufacturer, let alone Model from anything anywhere near your list of Supported Hardware. So it’s not surprising it’s failing to build!

Sound familiar?


Guide – OEM Files

Bringing OEM Files back to life, and why you should use them.

OEM Files as I call them, or $OEM$ as it was more commonly¬†referenced in MDT times gone by, are quite simply a bunch of files and folders that you wan’t to copy onto every machine you image. ¬†Why would I want to do that? – I hear you ask, well for a multitude of reasons I would reply.